JUST RIDE Rental Program

JUST RIDE Packages

We've got a ride for you. You. And you.

Adventure riding is really all about you. WIND ZONE has flexible, hassle-free packages for unlimited ride possibilities. Need one vehicle for five days – we’ve got that vehicle. Need five vehicles for one day – no problem. And if you fall in love with your vehicle (it happens), we can convert unused balances into a deposit. We keep it simple. Like life should be.



5-Day Ride Before You Buy
(to be used within 12 months from date of purchase)


15, 30, and 45-Day Rides
(to be used within 36 months from date of purchase)

Standard Vehicles (500 series ATV, UTV, and SxS)
15 Days: $3,160
30 Days: $4,860
45 Days: $5,860
Premium Vehicles (800 Side by Side and UTV series depending on availability)
15 Days: $3,860
30 Days: $5,860
45 Days: $7,500


Freedom. For Real.

We all know the call of the open road. Ever wanted to try something a little more open? Like no road at all. WIND ZONE can get you there with our incredible selection of freedom machines. Rent a top-model ATV, or side by side, for a day, a week or a month. Include family and friends - we’ve got rides and packages to suit. You enjoy the excitement, we’ll deal with the rest. Your only commitment is to a zest for adventure, whether it’s off-road on your own trip, or fishing a remote spot with friends. Maybe you’ll get hooked.


Rental Rates

Wind Zone’s customizable rental and ownership solutions are based on individual needs. A rental representative will work with you to personalize your riding solution at rental rates that suit your budget.


Terms and Conditions for Just Ride Packages and Short Term Rentals:

  • Security Deposit / Down Payment:
    All vehicles are subject to a $2,500 security deposit each time a ride is utilized.
  • Insurance:
    Riders must purchase liability insurance from WIND ZONE Financial. Collision and Loss due to damage or excessive wear and tear is optional with a $3,500 deductible. Collision and Loss covers 100% vehicle value. Insurance rates will be provided at renting locations.
  • Recourse:
    Riders are liable for the full cost of the vehicle if optional Collision and Loss for damage is not purchased.
  • Other:
    • Riders must sign company’s waiver and be fully licensed to operate motored vehicles.
    • Riders must go through elementary assessment and training on safety and handling provided at rental locations.
    • Wind Zone will provide riders a full tank with every ride. Riders have the option to prepay for gas or be charged for a full tank at a premium of 1.5 times market price upon returning the vehicle.
    • Riders are responsible for vehicle keys. A $200 fee will be charged for lost keys.
    • Mileage allowance will be provided based on ride period.
    • Security deposit and payment must be done with a major credit card.
    • Riders can extend life of the any package by 12 months upon paying a $100 admin fee or by purchasing additional rides.
    • Riders can apply any unused balance of the 15, 30 or 45 day package towards the purchase of a unit. Only the full 5 day purchase amount can be applied towards the purchase of a unit.
    • Riders can transfer and sell their packages.